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Pipe Setup - Pipe Geography - Accessories - Charcoal - Shisha Molasses


Charcoal Tongs - An essential item used to transfer or move charcoal from the pan to the pipe. Crocodile style tongs with teeth are best at gripping charcoal.

Charcoal Screen - used on the tobacco bowl instead of foil

Hookah Shisha Foil - Convenience and time saver. These usually contain 50-100 sheets, for the sake of a few coins you'll have enough foil to last up to 100 smokes.

Foil / Screen - Pro smokers always use foil rather than a screen. Screens donít create the air tight seal needed for best results.

Cleaning Brush -  Long cleaning brush for inside the shisha pipe stem. If you donít clean your pipe youíll notice a charred taste after 3-4 smokes instead of fruit flavour.



Optional Accessories

Mouth Tips - 

Ideal accessory for parties or when your sharing a pipe. There are 2 main types

Disposable - Cone or Golf T-Shape, made of durable plastic.

None Disposable - Often in the form of a keying and made of metal.


Mouth pieces

These are found on cafť style hoses, more than often made of Perspex or wood. Detachable for easy cleaning.


Hookah Travel bags are great for transporting your hookah around if you're going to a hookah shisha party or gathering at a friends. Also a great way to keep all your accessories in one place.

Glass base protector

The glass base protector is a durable rubber piece that slips over the bottom of your glass base. Its rubbery surface prevents the hookah from sliding as well as cushions the base when setting it down on hard surfaces. Will fit most medium and large sized bases.

Charcoal Pan -Tray

The Charcoal pan is usually made from stainless steel. Great for those not wanting to get up to light the charcoal in the kitchen.

Wind Cover

Wind Cover - Essential for those who smoke outdoors to prevent the breeze burning the charcoal out too quickly. Can also be used indoors to keep the heat in making your charcoal last longer.

Adaptor for shisha air valve

Extra cone shapes adaptor to turn a single hose into a double house pipe.



Use a tile or matt to help your pipe stability when you place the pipe on the carpet


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