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Minty Gum HERBAL (No Nicotine) 100g
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Item Description

Looking for a realistic shisha experience ?

Premium Shisha Mixes
Recommended by HookahShop UK

Whant a better smoking expereince ?

With 11 years of expereince we know what works well together.

Purchase one of our pre selected mixes from the range of herbals we stock.

Most brands of tobacco and herbal shisha give a great smoke for the first 10-15 minutes before the taste changes and the smoke becomes harsh and less enjoyable. This is due to the liquid and flavour burning out leaving dry tobacco or herbs. Some brands such as AL Fakher are less harsh when the juice is squeezed out yet other brands such as starbuzz are better with the extra juice.  We work with the best flavour suppliers to make sure the liquid componant lasts far longer, releasing strong flavour over the entire smoke. 



 With our flavour selections you get a smoother smoke with flavour for double the smoking time compared to other brands.

Use on their own or mix with Alfakher Tobacco or herbal to create exotic cocktails




Your molasses cocktail mix kit will vary depending on the product purchased


If you've purchased a kit with a well known brands such as Hydro Herbal you'll receive a liquid molasses mixer or an aditional pack of herbal molasses. Simply mix together in the supplied bag or in the clay head itself.


If your kit is suplied with a liquid componant, we recomend mixing in the foil bag we supply so the herbal soaks up the liquid.



Our chosen mixes realy work well together.

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