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Shisha King 140 - Natural Coconut Charcoal 1kg Flat Blocks
Item Description
New Formula Flats by Shisha King UK.

***Pre Launch Special Offer **** When we launched Cocobrico in the UK back in 2007-2008 most wholesalers were hesitant in switching to coconut away from cheap dusty wood charcoal. As of 2014 the last non coconut charcoal on the market gave up and stopped importing to the UK.

In 2012 introduced a wider range of coconut charcoal to the UK market. Large Cocobrico cubes for the lounge market, smaller coconara cubes for the home smoker and coconara flats for those not wanting to wait for a long time for the charcoal to light.

All 3 sizes have been a big success and most brands have followed our example and copied the different sizes and even switched to reduced packaging for the lounge market to reduce the price of the product and be more environmentally friendly.

With this success we have listened to the home smoker, cafe owners and distributors and have been working on reformulating the charcoal to make it an even better experience.

Over the next several months we will introduce new formulations of charcoal to create the best product for each market area.

Shisha King Platinum Flats are the first batch of the new 2015 charcoal project. This charcoal is the same width as the standard cubes but much thinner which helps the charcoal light quicker for those who cant wait ti get smoking on their hookah pipe. We have also changed the manufacturing process and switched to a cleaner binding material which gives a cleaner taste. We hope customers like the new formula. We look forward to customer feedback and will continue to work on a better product on each batch.

Shisha King Flats have been reformulated with a 2% blend with pure wood charcoal to make it light faster but still give a long lasting smoke.

The binding compound has been changed to give zero sulphur smell and no bad odour even when lighting it giving it the cleanest smoke of any coconut charcoal. 25x2x15 mm cubes Not to be confused with Shisha King from Austria which is a lower grade product and has been copied by other factories
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