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Swift Lite Exelior

Swift lite's consistent quality and availability have made it the UK's top selling easy lite charcoal and one of the most recognisable shisha brands around.

Shisha Lite

Shisha lite is another swift lite product, on par with swift lite exelior is marketed at the dedicated hookah shisha smoker.

Mera Charcoal

A high quality Iranian Brand, similar texture as most of the high end easy lite names but produces the lowest amount of smoke we've seen in any easy lite charcoal. This may also explain why it's pleasant to smoke with


Golden Flash

A Chinese brand which is on par with the top quick lite charcoal brands but produces far less smoke than most brands. On testing we found it to give a great smoke and exceptional value for money.

Abu Alabed

A natural charcoal from Syria made from recycled olive pips. Its log like shape makes it easy to use. Supplied in 1kg bags and often classed as wood charcoal.

Nakhla Natural Wood Charcoal

The most natural charcoal on the market. Its low smoke, low dust, high heat makes it second to none when it comes to shisha smoking. Made from natural lemon and orange wood it add's little or no extra flavour to your smoke.

Vivi Natural Wood Charcoal

Available in several sizes, and made from wood and burns longer than any brand we've tested, this may have something to do with the fact its more than twice the thickness of other natural charcoal. Vivi can taste very nice but you need to make sure you pick up a bag from their export batch rather than the charcoal made for the local market which seems to be poorer quality.

Vivi Quick Lite

Gives a great smoke but can be a little crumblier than other brands. Vivi quick lite seems to be available in more than one quality, this may be explained by vivi willing to produce their quick lite charcoal in smokeless if you purchase a large enough quality from them.

Three Kings Easy Lite

This brand is usually sold as incense charcoal. The discs are larger and are usually supplied in 100 disc box's. A good quality brand but untested by us for shisha smoking.

BBQ Charcoal & Shisha Charcoal

Impossible to lite and produces far too much toxic smoke to use for shisha. We don't recommend using it unless you want an early death !

Japanese Style Silver Blocks

Authentic Japanese charcoal produces no smoke is easy to lite and has little or no flavour. This is probably due to the fact it's made not to overpower delicate Japanese incense which is what it was made for. The silver coating seems to be enough to stop the charcoal rumbling until you touch it. Another great product from the very inventive Japanese. We've only tested it for incense so are unsure if it creates enough heat to smoke with. You'll find several middle eastern and Chinese companies now producing it for the hookah shisha market.


Untested Brands

Cococha Coconut Charcoal 3kg

This brand seems to be popular in Germany, we've not had the opportunity to test it yet so are unable to grade it.

NOUVEAUTÉ de Belgian charcoal

A Belgian Brand, we've not had the opportunity to test it yet so are unable to grade it.

Rolland Wood Charcoal

Rolland Quick Lite Charcoal

Mangrove Wood Charcoal - Chinese charcoal

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