Cococha Gold Coco Bricks - Pure Coconut Charcoal - 1kg 72 Blocks

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Supplied under manufacturers branded packaging to show authenticity.

We've sourced cococha directly from the manufacturers which has enabled us to bring the cost down for UK shisha enthusiasts. Cococha coco bricks is manufactured by Cococha from coconut shells, making it a renewable source of charcoal.

72 blocks which burns longer than quicklight charcoal.

No trees are cut down to make this products. Very pure and made from coconut shells.

The coconut tree is called the ‘tree of life’ in the most of the tropics where it grows. The fruit, the leaves and at the end of its productive life - the tree trunk is used extensively for home building, bridges, furniture ad home utensils.

approx size 2cm cubed
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