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Looking for a shisha pipe and not sure what else you need to purchase ? With our shisha beginners kits you'll receive everything you need to get started, just add water and away you go ! Many new to shisha expereinced thier first on holiday in the middle east or north Africa.

This beginners kit is supplied with a full shisha and Many extras to get you started

  • Shisha Pipe / Hookah Pipe
  • Clay Tobacco Bowl
  • Rubber Grommets
  • Tray
  • Long Leather Hose
  • Bottle Seal
  • Pair of tongs
  • Long Pipe cleaning brush

    Beginners kit extras:
  • Double Apple Molasses 50g
  • Grape Molasses 50g
  • Blueberry Molasses 50g
  • Raspberry Mixer 50g
  • 30 Discs Premium Al Fakher Charcoal
  • 10 Mouthtips
  • 50 Sheets pre cut foil
  • Spare Clay Head

3 Great Flavours and 50g Raspberry Molasses Mixer as used in shisha cafes. Mix the raspberry 10-15% to sweeten up and create a raspberry blend. Our raspberry mixer is used in most of the UK's shisha cafes.



Hand finished traditional feel Stainless Steel shisha pipe by Khalil Mamoon


* We’ve photographed this shisha pipe with a matching coloured head, the shisha is actully supplied a standard classic Tough Egyptian head made from Egyptian terracotta clay which helps prevent the molasses from burning. We may sometimes supply an additional head free of charge so you can put your shisha on display with a clean head at all times.

** The hose design may vary slightly in design and shade as head office constantly work to improvements the quality and durability to give you the best experience.

*** Khalil Mamoon shisha's are manufactured using traditional centualy old techniques and have a handmade and hand finished rustic feel. Scuff marks, the occasional tiny dint, scratches on the metal and the base being hand painted are all part of the traditional feel or the khalil Mamoon Brand. If you're looking for a shisha with a modern machine made appearance we recommend purchasing a shisha from the Aladin range. They give the same amazing smoking experience but may satisfy your requirements for a modern finish.

**** We photograph all our own stock ourselves. Photographing with a clean background in a zero reflection room gives the shisha's a more shiny apearance than it may apear in real life. If you wish to recreate the same shiny apearance on the shisha you would need to be a reflextion free room.

All our products can be authenticated by Khalil Mamoon head office in Cairo. Due to the number of counterfeits sold globally we advise buyers to be aware of cheap fakes. To combat counterfeiting head office in Cairo now makes regular changes to their products to help importers spot copies. All importers in direct contact with Khalil Mamoon head office are aware of these changes.

We work to be as environmentally friendly as possible and use recycled padding to help your order get to you in one piece. We recommend washing all shisha components excluding the hose to remove factory dust before use.

We triple pack glass and clay heads for extra protection.

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